Alexander James Lacey

My brother welcomed a new member to their family a week ago.  He is super cute!  


Grandpa Clair

Our sweet Grandpa Clair passed away today.  He will be greatly missed but I know that he is looking down on us.  I looked through some of my pictures tonight and decided to post a few of my favorites over the last couple of months.  Love you Grandpa! :)


Newborn Pictures

A friend in my neighborhood just had a baby and was nice enough to let me come over and take a few pictures.  I had to post a few because she was just so darn cute!!!  Thanks Aarika for letting me come over. :)


Mike at the Temple

We had a very nice day yesterday.  Mike went through the Draper temple and took out his endowments.  He leaves next week on his mission to Kennewick Washington.  Mike, thanks for letting us join in on your special day!  

Whole group minus me

Whole group minus Emerson

Mike and Nate

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson with Mike

Grandma and Grandpa Free, Grandma and Grandpa Anderson, and Mike

Mike with Grandma and Grandpa Free

Mike with Joni and Dave

Mike and his friend Emerson.  He leaves later this month on his mission.

Grandpa Dave gave Emerson his jacket so they looked like two missionaries. :)

Mike with Drew and me

Nate was really in love with his shoes and insisted that I take a picture of them. 

Mike and Hailey (Mike was sick of me taking his picture by this point).  Hailey was awesome and picked up my kids from school and played with them until we were done.  They had a blast!  Thanks again Hailey.  :)

Draper Temple


Memorial Day

 Drew started out the morning racing at the Intermountain Cup Race in Draper.  He was supposed to go to Colorado for the Gunnison Growler but came down with a sinus infection and decided it wasn't a great idea to go.  He took 7th place, which I think is still pretty decent for being sick.  The kids and I watch Drew start and then headed down to Santaquin to go put flowers on my Grandma and Grandpa Crooks grave.  They have a nice little program that they put on for the Veterans.    Later we headed to a BBQ for the bike team and then went swimming and dinner at the Free's.  We had a great day.

Drew took 7th place
Grandma and Grandpa's Head Stone

Kids watching the program

Conner holding a poppy

My brother Chris and his wife Zale

Drew and Ellie at the pool

I just love Ellie's smile

My family at the cemetery

Thank you to all of the veterans who sacrifice so much for all of us!


Grandpa Clair

Cute Grandpa Clair's health has been getting worse lately and so I've been trying to snatch pictures of him whenever I get a chance.  This is from Mother's Day.

Swimming Time is Here

The Free pool is finally open and the kids can't get enough. 

Grandma and Grandpa came over for dinner that night and it was nice to be able to spend some time with them. 

It was also the eclipse that night and luckily Joni and Dave's neighbor had a sheet of x-ray film that we were able to fold enough times to get a picture.